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Governments continue to warn companies that they are not doing enough to shore up their cyber security. A selection of polls tells us that company’s feel. This is because a point that is vital is evaporating throughout the communications cracks: cyber crime can be committed by anybody.BAE Systems Device’s Survey ‘Curiously Confident’ is the latest to expose the disconnect between how exposed the Government states these organizations, and that organizations are feel. Based on interviews with 100 decision-makers in 350 million+ turnover UK businesses, the poll revealed 89 percent of respondents were very or fairly confident that their businesses could stop targeted cyber attacks by outsiders.

This may be taken as a statistic if it were that cyber security is not being taken. By way of example, many organizations do not deem themselves to be a cyber goal to justify action that is considerable. 61 percent of the respondents stated that an assault on a competitor or their organization would induce their board to take cyber threat. VISA at the end of 2010 and recalling a similar attitudes survey of companies, almost half of the respondents did not think that the threat was worth the investment to secure their organization.

There is a communications problem: warning speeches and the headlines tend to concentrate on the most threats that provide the most stats. Anonymous’ actions make the information, as do attacks by foreign intelligence agencies and the damages that businesses like Sony have sustained. It is quite easy to the idea of a cyber security services in singapore plan with issues like cyber espionage, cyber crime and cyber warfare. Within this context, many companies can consider themselves to be low down on the list of goals.